Alabama Values

Senator Jeff Sessions comes from a small town in Wilcox County, Alabama.  The son of a country store owner, he was instilled with the values that Alabamians hold dear from a very early age.  He believes in an honest day’s work, the importance of faith and family, protecting the sanctity of life, and keeping our children safe.  He believes that God has blessed us with a great nation and it is imperative that each of us strive to leave our nation a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Senator Sessions has fought for those Alabama values since he was first appointed by President Ronald Reagan to serve as a federal prosecutor in 1981.  He has worked hard to strengthen families by protecting the institution of marriage. He has opposed partial birth abortion and public funding for abortions. He supports religious freedoms, and he believes that local faith based groups are often better suited to provide relief for those in need than unwieldy government bureaucracy.

Senator Sessions shares the belief that we should guard against government overreach, but when government acts it should be in a common sense way that strengthens our families and institutions.  It is his continued goal to bring the values that make Alabama great to Washington and help raise them to the forefront of the national debate.