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Jeff Sessions Issues Four-Part American Immigration Plan

June 22, 2020
Contact: John Rogers

Jeff Sessions Issues Four-Part American Immigration Plan

MOBILE, Ala. — The American immigration system is terribly broken. Years of neglect, liberal non-enforcement policies and executive amnesties, and corporate control have created an unsustainable immigration system that works well neither for legal immigrants or for the United States.

Today, following the Supreme Court’s recent disastrous decision regarding the illegal DACA amnesty program, Senator Jeff Sessions released the following plan to fix America’s immigration system. These four pillars provide the right framework for Congress to fix the American immigration system in a responsible way that protects American workers and interests first. This is especially crucial now, with unemployment at over 13%.

1. Reduce the Number of Foreign Workers Coming to the United States

  • The United States brings in approximately 1.4 million guest workers every year, many of whom come to the United States to displace American workers by taking white-collar jobs (such as tech jobs) for minimal pay. The massive number of foreign guest workers drives down wages for American workers and limits their upward mobility.
  • President Trump should be praised for following Sessions’ recommendation to extend and expand the immigration proclamation to limit guest workers until the American unemployment numbers return to normal—and now we need to reduce the number of foreign workers for the long-term, to protect Americans first.
  • Tommy Tuberville disagrees with this policy. He has repeatedly said “we need workers,” he’ssuggested that we should bring in 400,000 more Indian tech workers, and his only limitation is that he wants unlimited numbers of foreign workers to come here “the right way.”

2. Secure the Border and Restore our Sovereignty

  • If you can’t control your own borders, you have no national sovereignty—you aren’t even a nation at all if you can’t control your borders.
  • We must build the wall. But we can’t stop there. We must also fully fund ICE and the Border Patrol, and do a better job of tracking aliens in the United States to make sure they leave when they are supposed to leave.

3. Deport All Criminal Aliens and Stop Sanctuary Cities

  • We must prioritize the deportation of criminal aliens. As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions made this a priority of the Department of Justice to great success.
  • Now, Congress must act to cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities and states. If they choose to protect criminal aliens from federal immigration enforcement, they do so at the expense of the law-abiding citizens and residents who are victims of those aliens’ crimes. They should not get a dime in federal funding until they stop shielding criminals from justice.

4. End President Obama’s Illegal DACA Amnesty

  • President Trump and then-Attorney General Sessions worked in 2017 to cancel President Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty program. After three years of litigation, last week the Supreme Court issued a terrible and politicized ruling in which they told President Trump to try again and jump through procedural hoops. President Trump must follow through on his promise to resubmit the DACA rescission and cancel that unlawful program.

“Our immigration system is terribly broken. And as I said month ago, in an employment crisis we do not have jobs to give to foreign workers,” Sessions said.

“The Supreme Court’s decision on Obama’s unlawful DACA amnesty is the latest example of the Swamp working to push illegality and open borders. It must end and I am prepared and ready to fight to return our immigration system to the Rule of Law. I have a plan and I give this promise to the people of Alabama: immigration will serve America’s interests and no else when I return to the United States Senate,” Sessions remarked.

Sessions had pointed criticism for the open-border policies of his Senate opponent Tommy Tuberville.

“Tommy Tuberville has no clue. Tommy Tuberville is flat wrong on immigration. What is the Tuberville immigration plan? Just a few months ago, Tuberville said he thinks we should bring in 400,000 more Indian tech workers to take American white-collar jobs. Well, the Tennessee Valley Authority just laid off more than 100 American tech workers because it’s outsourcing those jobs to foreigners, instead—that’s Tommy’s immigration plan at work, prioritizing foreign labor over the American worker and it is immoral and unconscionable,” Sessions said.

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