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Jeff Sessions calls out the Southern Poverty Law Center for its discrimination against conservative organizations

MOBILE, Ala. — Senator Jeff Sessions today issued the following statement regarding the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate and Extremism Report”:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center this week is continuing its radical and hateful attacks on mainstream conservative organizations, designating several as ‘hate groups.’  Unbelievably, the SPLC includes the long-established and well-respected Family Research Council in its report, along with the highly-successful Alliance Defending Freedom, which defends religious liberty and free speech for people from all walks of life and has won 10 consecutive cases at the United States Supreme Court over the last 9 years. 

“The SPLC lost its commitment to freedom and basic civil rights a long time ago and is now a far-left,violence-inciting organization that seeks to raise money off of defaming organizations and individuals who dare to disagree with its agenda. Sadly, the question arises: who is hateful? The SPLC has lost all contact with its original principles, which focused on freedom for all. 

“Given the SPLC’s extreme and unfounded bias against mainstream conservative groups, no organization or company, including Amazon, should continue to use the SPLC report as a reference. Respect for all Americans’ viewpoints is vital for a diverse society.”