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May 29, 2020
Contact: John Rogers



Top Tuberville Advisor from Silicon Valley: “Donald Trump is a psychopath. I don’t want him to be our President.”


MOBILE, Ala. — Today, Senator Jeff Sessions issued the following statement praising President Trump’s executive order to protect Americans’ free speech on social media platforms:

“Tommy Tuberville is weak on immigration, on China, on trade, and on a host of other issues. His values are not Alabama’s values. And he has given Silicon Valley the keys to run his campaign. His top political consultant who crafts his made-for-TV image is Rob Jesmer, who also runs Facebook’s open-borders lobbying organization, Tuberville is fundamentally weak and scared to debate me because he knows he can’t answer tough questions about his views without his D.C. swamp lobbyists writing some talking points for him first.

“President Trump is right to be frustrated with the Silicon Valley elites, as any conservative who has been censored or silenced by them knows. These internet powerhouses cannot be allowed to use their power, openly or secretly, to tilt the outcome of our elections. These “Masters of the Universe” must be stopped, and those companies that abuse their platforms to try to control the flow of information should not be given special legal liability protections.

“The most dramatic recent proof of the blatant lies of Silicon Valley was when Twitter tried to editorialize and undercut President Trump’s obviously correct tweets that closing our polling places and moving to a system of mailing ballots to voters’ homes will increase fraud. It takes little thought to grasp how vulnerable such a voting procedure would be. This must never happen. But Silicon Valley and Nancy Pelosi are fighting to elect Joe Biden at any cost, and they have no problem using the internet to manipulate the information voters are allowed to see to further their goals.

“Don’t expect Tommy Tuberville to show any strength on this issue, though. He is in the pocket of Silicon Valley and has been since the beginning.

“Tommy Tuberville hired Rob Jesmer early on to set up his campaign. He even put him in charge of all of his communications and media more than a year ago, and he is still on Tuberville’s payroll to this day.

“Jesmer is also one of Facebook’s chief open-borders lobbyists. He is listed as the “campaign manager” of, a political organization founded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and backed by radical leftists who support amnesty, open borders, and unlimited immigration. The entire organization exists to lobby for amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders, and unlimited cheap foreign labor, and Rob Jesmer is who they’ve put in charge of pushing that agenda.

“I guess that helps explain why Tommy Tuberville is so weak on immigration, trade, and China. It helps explain why Tuberville is scared to debate me, too. He doesn’t want to have to answer tough questions about the issues, about how his campaign is run by the D.C. Swamp and Facebook’s open-borders lobbyists. And he definitely doesn’t want to answer for his own comments, like these:


“To try to trick Alabamians into thinking he’s tough, Tommy Tuberville says he supports “the wall” and President Trump, but he won’t answer real questions or go outside of his lobbyist-approved, scripted talking points.

“That’s why Tommy Tuberville needs to stop running scared and debate me. He needs to stand up and stop hiding behind his swamp lobbyists.

“I have confronted the radical globalists at every angle. Their goal is open borders and massive immigration, legal and illegal. Their goal is to outsource American jobs and manufacturing. They oppose common-sense policies that place the interests of American workers first. In truth, they no longer see themselves as Americans first, just as citizens of the world. And they are running Tommy Tuberville’s campaign.

“They are reputed to have spent $1 billion to promote the last bogus amnesty bill. They hired every lobbyist, pollster, and consultant money could buy. I led the fight against them. We defeated them and their Democrat and establishment Republican backers. How did we win? We told the truth to the American people and they rose up and put fear in the hearts of the politicians.

“Back before he was recruited by, I knew Rob Jesmer from firsthand experience. At the time, he was in charge of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). I saw then his philosophy. Against common sense, good policy, and good politics, he used the vast money he controlled to try to block Republican candidates from making illegal immigration an issue in their campaigns. Many were silenced, but I was not.

“So it should come as no surprise to see that Rob Jesmer joined the team when he left the NRSC. That was a perfect fit. Now he is at the center of the effort to weaken Republican will on these issues. Everyone who has actually been in this fight knows Rob Jesmer and Everyone knows that they have not been on President Trump’s side; they’ve opposed him and his MAGA philosophy every step of the way. Rob Jesmer has even said, just one month before the 2016 election, he thinks that “Donald Trump is a psychopath. I don’t want him to be our President.”

“The fact that Tommy Tuberville knows nothing is concerning. But even more concerning is that Tuberville is trusting these Silicon Valley elites to run his campaign. Tuberville lives in the World of the Rich. He hobnobs with the skybox owners, not those who scraped together the money to watch the game from the cheap seats. He does not understand what is at stake for the common man.

“Through Donald Trump, the American people felt they had someone who listened to them and gave their frustrations a strong voice. Tommy Tuberville has no clue. He never even supported Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign. He will not be strong for us. He is weak. He is afraid to debate me and answer questions about his beliefs. He will not stand up to Chuck Schumer and the aggressive and radical Democrats. Importantly, he will not stand up to the establishment Republicans who buy into these ideas or who are just sitting on their duff.”


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